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About Us - Overview 

VisionQuest Studios provides professional commercial, event and portraiture imaging services in the forms of Photographic, Computer, Print Graphics and Video.  

Affordability and Quality are keystones of our business culture. We have 20 years Plus of Professional experience and expertise in Photo, Print Graphics and Video. Those skills include design, pre press, advertising, marketing and sales.

VisionQuest Studios brings to the table a command of skills normally found on the high cost end and brings it down to the cost effective level.

 Our cost effective implementation of mechanisms for our strategies, concepts and processes (trimming extra costs which high priced providers pass on to their clients) allows us streamlined operations, which in turn keeps our costs reasonable, and allows us to pass on the savings to our clients.

 We are more than an added service for our clients we consider ourselves to be part of the family and a partner in your business where our best interests are best served by serving yours.

About Us - Detailed

David Ramirez & VisionQuestStudios LLC  

David Ramirez brings over 40 years of photography and 20 years in a professional commercial and corporate photography / media / marketing  capacity and is the chief photographer / Art Director for VisionQuestStudios LLC

As the proprietor of VisionQuestStudios LLC has a proven track record of results and experience in the field of mastering photography. With formal education and a work history in the industry in various aspects of photographic applications for Documenting Event-Photojournalism and Product Advertising and Marketing.

Studying at Wayne State University in a BFA curriculum and subsequent employment for 5 years at the Detroit Free Press (with 1 million in quad state circulation) and 8 other publications in Photojournalism, Marketing/Advertising , Ross Roy- Chrysler Heineken, Kmart), Risk management , Capacity(General Motors Design Studios). Managerial, training. sales, customer service and consulting both to the public and corporate clientele.

David has been published  widely and is a skilled copywriter and commands an expertise on marketing pulse of today’s  marketing this applies to print and on the internet, David was awarded by the Metro Times for his submission “Private Way“.

Buy producing tangible and effective results, in  deadline environments ,done with the emphasis on providing cost effective consultation(s) and verifiable results to his clients. VisionQuestStudios LLC has  proven insights to business and marketing at entry level and managerial levels that provide his clientele with a window to productivity, increased organization, materials impact and measurable sales / lead generation increases.

Prior to creating VisionQuestStudios LLC David had covered the gamut of photographic applications in the public sector from small projects to full blown public events. VisionQuestStudios LLC portfolio and expertise of subject matter has viable applications for any size client.  VisionQuestStudios LLC has the latitude for streamlined configuration application gravitation for various budgets, projects and timeframes.

Consultations from brainstorming to roll out, from one on one interaction to team building, from coaching to assessments, from application to problem solving, from process procedure to efficiency confirmation, from training to customer service, from lead generation/ account maintenance. These skill sets and database of knowledge VisionQuestStudios LLC bring to the table tangible asset(s) to any individual or business entity.

Working on such projects as "We Are the Free Press" documentary to "Jeep 101" customer product training, 80% lead generation and sale maintenance at Orbit Magazine helping to increase circulation from 25,000 to 100,000 and from under 100 distribution point to over 300 spanning a 3 year period also organizing distribution in the process for over 250,000 units. Limiting liabilities via risk management. At General Motors design studios of over 3 million dollars in assets and  65 + personnel including executive level management. Expanding client based for start ups including HotSpot of SA developing protocol and procedure, establishing marketing campaigns, website content and design implementations and materials that culminated with a 1st Page Top selection Search Engine Optimization(SE) for Google (2008)

In the entertainment field VisionQuestStudios LLC  was able to provide Grammy winning Penn Point Productions &  Under-current Records with publicity photos and consultation that won them an 8 album contract with Warner Brothers /Madonna’s Maverick Label. On the political spectrum has photographed politicos ranging from Senators to Judges and political candidates campaigns.  

David’s Portfolio has received the nod from notables amongst many other in the field such as Tony Spina Editor and Chief of Photography / Detroit Free Press / 40 years. David Turnley ( South Africa Apartheid and Manny Cristamno ( Fall of Russia) both Pulitzer Prize winning photographers.  A top Hollywood Celebrity Portrait photographer that had photographed major stars both for their studios and for their families. James Tafoya  Marketing and Fashion photographer  that encompassed everything from NY Fashion to Hot Products and Feature Portraitist.  Buzz Holtzman top high end event master photographer.

VisionQuestStudios LLC has a stock photo archive of 60,000 negatives and over 100,00- digital files of photo stock encompassing a 20 year plus period and every imaginable subject matter. full suite of services that include print and computer / graphic production, Social Media marketing and network marketing.

VisionQuestStudios LLC an active member of Professional Photographers of America PPA and the Association of Media Photographers -ASMP and Toastmasters Industry Networking-professional organizations. With references, credentials an testimonials on file. VisionQuestStudios LLC utilizes all of it's asset to promote social responsibilities for the common good. Our products are above and beyond industry standards and have been scrutinized and proven by both the public eye and qualified individuals.

          www.visionqueststudios.webs.com                  visionqueststudios@yahoo.com

About Us - BackGround

Professional Experienced Proven

Impact of Photography by David Ramirez

Photography has the power to create or convey great emotion and sentiment to shows the truth to collapse tyranical governments and expose the corrupt the wicked. It can teach and inspire. I can make time stand still and let us witness the unseen with the naked eye. It can transmit a thousand words in a glance or leave people mute. To create heroes and shine the meek and righteous. It has the power to harness the fastest and purest element in our universe. It is proof positive and a legal document. It can give us God's perspective or explore and expierience. It can cause intropsect and self reflection both literally and figuratively sometimes concurrently . It can take four dimensions ( 3d plus time) and compress them into two. It allows perspectives beyond our own creating a unity and bond. It can cause passion and action and sometimes passionate action. To capture life's greatest and mundane moments. To live beyond it's capture of even the instrument that created it. It can be a vehicle for visions,dreams, careers, and misuse.since each story always has two sides or more it is limited by it's angle and can be subject as well as subjective. It triggers memories or captures emotion.It can befriend your soul and comfort you during the journey of your life.It can tell a story or a reveal conclusion. It can  show how life can be or what it has been.To Be Continued...

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FAQ's Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked Questions (FAQS)

                                                      General Questions

Do you have examples of your work?
Please see our website index for Portfolios and Videos

What Are Your Credentials?
Please see our website index for Credentials and Testimonials these are released, by request, with a completed Estimate Request Form

Do You Have Any References?
We Do Not Give Away our References, Personal Information per their request and our company policy
Please see our website index for Credentials and Testimonials

Who have you worked for?
Please see our website index for Credentials and Testimonials

How Long have you been doing Photography?
20years plus Professionally

What Type of Photography have you done?
The Whole Gamut =
Portraits, Portfolios, Life Celebrations of all types, Events, Corporate, Journalistic, Product, Commercial, Documentary, Legal, Real Estate, Entertainers, Headshots, Reunions, Advertising,

Why do I have to fill out  an estimate form?

Our Pricing is based on Each Individual Situation Separately. We Tailor our Estimate Bid to the Details of your Specific Situation. In order to make sure we are giving you a bid that is more than competitive and fair deal for you we need the information surrounding your inquiry. It Speeds Up the Entire Process and is more efficient and accurate this way. Our competition may forget to mention some costs. With this process we are able to Eliminate or minimize any surprises.

                       Model Forms, Contracts & Processes =FAQs

What’s Up with this Models Process?

    We are reputable legitimate business and have to cover any liability.  This aspect of any photo business suffers due the black eye con men and criminal element gives it.  Not to mention our trade secrets are valuable. We have to insure our interests are protected and give you enough information to protect yours.  This is how we manage that.

Why do I need to register?
     It is for the protection of our business and is mandatory we need to know who we are dealing with. All information is kept private except for your name credit on photos or unless you give us permission to forward it. We will forward any inquires at no cost to you. this Registration Form; also gives us your contact information. General questions such as height, weight, etc can be use for comp cards (we do the graphic layout and can have them printed.) Model Marketing Must.

What is the Assessment For?
    It gives us a better ideal on who we are dealing and what type of personality with without having to ask questions that can be awkward to ask in person. It allows you to reflect on your motives and either reaffirm or to reconcile what is your goal for these photos. This in turn helps us decide to approach photographing you.

What is a Model Release?
    This Begs the Questions that you should be asking- is this person legitimate? It’s a wide world out there and most people take great pains to protect their reputation, as they should. We Offer our credentials, testimonials, portfolio and mission statement as proof of our legitimacy and reputation. We are established and conscientious. Our Good Name is hard earned meaning insuring that you Keep your Good Name is paramount for us.
    What a Models release gives is  your permission to allow the photographer to legally use the photos beyond his portfolio -such as advertising –which a key part of the photo business is- showing our work in our marketing to get more business. It is a Photo Modeling Industry Standard to use models releases.

. We allow you to read Our Models Release thoroughly before signing it. .
   Note that signing it is Mandatory on our TFCD offers.

Here is an excerpt from Our Models Release that reflects your rights.

“unless it can be shown that they and the publication thereof were maliciously caused , produced, and published solely for the purpose of subjecting me to conspicuous ridicule, scandal, reproach, scorn, and indignity.”

    Remember, a Model Release DOES NOT allow, under false pretenses, anyone to embarrass,libel, slander or defame you or to use the photos or your name in illicit or illegal ways such as pornography. If you have signed one and that situation has happened to you. Our advice is to get a lawyer

What is a Non- Disclosure Contract?
    You promise legally and contractually to protect our business trade secrets

What is a Non-Compete Contract?
    You promise not use or give away for someone else to use- our trade secrets or start or assist a business that would compete with ours. Potentially losing us our market share, income and investments.

Why do I have to give a testimonial?
The purpose of being in business it to make it grow and be profitable. Testimonials are documents that are extremely effective in marketing, for more plentiful and more lucrative business, and a proven key to success. If You Think About It. I am sure you remember, how you or someone, you knew, who used a product or service after hearing about that product or service from someone that was credible. Our pricing or offers include the investments we make  to give our rates cost effectively to you. We have competitive rates to win over customers, to satisfy our customer base and for return business. We need the testimonial as return on our investment.

Below is additional information on why and how to give a truthful and  objective testimonial 

What is a Testimonial , why is one necessary ,
what to include and how to give one.  Examples


citation Wikipedia -Testimonial    
Link to Testimonial Definition

    In promotion and of advertising, a testimonial or show consists of a written or spoken statement, sometimes from a person figure, sometimes from a private citizen, extolling the virtue of some product. The term "testimonial" most commonly applies to the sales-pitches attributed to ordinary citizens, whereas "endorsement" usually applies to pitches by celebrities.

    Non-Celebrity Testimonials

    Testimonials from customers (who are not famous) have been effectively used in marketing for as long as marketing existed. A sort of 'formal word of mouth testimony' that a past or current customer will present to a business owner and the business will in turn use this customers praise as a testimonial with the intent of marketing and/or building trust. While testimonials are incredibly effective when believed true, the challenge now lay in having the reader believe the testimonials... All that being said, testimonials, reviews and case studies are still considered by most marketing experts to be the most effective means of marketing and gaining brand trust by small and medium sized businesses.


By Law it must be truthful-Federal Trade Commission -Consumer Protection Link


A testimonial is a statement or written affirmation in support of a particular truth, fact, or claim.


"Six Key Elements for a Testimonial Letter"
by Paul Johnson

All testimonial letters are not created equal. The ones full of gushy fluff are a waste of good letterhead. However, a good testimonial letter can offset any risk in the value proposition, increase customer loyalty, and get you more referrals. A good letter provides the reader with a shortcut to the good, sound, safe buying decision that they really want to make. Make sure six key elements are in the letters you harvest from your own customers, and watch your selling success take off.

First, the testimonial letter should thank YOU. Not your company, not your product, not the people at your help desk, but you. This is a letter that is written to thank you for your contribution to your client and their company. Saying "Thank you" is a pretty rare occurrence these days, and putting a thank-you in writing really illustrates the strength of a relationship. While there might be two companies involved in a transaction, remember that companies never buy from companies; it's people that buy from people. The relationship that matters in your letter is between two people.

Second, the letter should rave about your USP, or unique selling proposition. Hopefully your company has taken pains to differentiate your product or service offering from your competition and has pointed that out in your marketing message. This is an opportunity for your customer to validate this key value proposition for you. When enough people (and enough letters) say good things about your key value proposition, it makes it more believable and understandable to your prospective customers. When your USP is mentioned in letters written over a period of time, it shows readers of the letters that there is consistency and longevity behind your company and its promises. People like to buy consistency and stability.

Third, the letter should point out the advantages of three key benefits. When interviewing your customer, ask them "tell me three things that you liked about working with our company." From there, your customer will explain what they liked best about their experience. You may have to probe to get them to expand on why that was an advantage and exactly how it helped them. For instance, if they say that your support people were very helpful, you may want to ask, "Where did that prove to be especially valuable?" Then, the customer will expound on the value delivered. That's the kind of meat you want in your letter.

The fourth key element is quantification of benefits. If things are better for your customer because they did business with you, you want to understand, "How much?" You're looking for metrics like an improvement of X percent, or a savings of Y dollars. Often they'll need help coming up with something measurable, especially if your contact is at the user or manager level. Sometimes they will be reticent to attribute an improvement solely to your offering. They may have made five changes at once that resulted in a 30 percent improvement in sales, and you were one of the five changes. In this case, your best hope is to get them to say something like, "Your offering played a big part in our ability to improve our year-over-year revenue by 30 percent." That sounds pretty good to me. Go for as many numbers as you can, but try very hard to get at least one quantified result.

The fifth element notes a positive affect on your customer's customers. Sure, you may have improved life for your customer, but did it make life better for their customers? Ultimately, your customer's job is to serve their customers, and if you can help them do that, you're doing something really positive. You truly have a powerful offering if it reaches all the way through your customer to serve your customer's customer. That fact won't be lost on people who read your testimonial letter.

Finally, your letter should pledge undying loyalty and future business. You want them to say that you are the best, your company is the best, and they wouldn't think about going anywhere else. There's no reason to shop any of your competitors. They've done all the homework, all the research, lived with you, and wouldn't dream of considering anyone else. As a result of that, they're planning on giving you future business, and are invested in continuing your business relationship into the indefinite future. All this is pretty good stuff to get into the very last paragraph before the closing. Pledges of loyalty and future business will leave the people who read the letter with a powerful, indelible impression. They'll be eager to become your next customer.

Get at least four of these six elements, and you've got a good testimonial letter, one that will make your selling job a whole lot easier. Get all six, and you've got a great letter that's got "success" written all over it!"

© 2001 Paul Johnson. All rights reserved.


Testimonial Guidelines  by David Ramirez

Please do not use exact below wording -use your own voice/words.
Be Sincere- Only the Truth - Make your own - use any of the (at least 4) below elements or all of the elements.

What you thought of the

Professionalism -I Set Expectations  Did I Set Expectations of what the service price and procedures?

- Made comfortable- Gave Process Insight

-Real Value -i.e.: Competative,Bargain, Cost Effective, Affordable, etc

Value -
Sentimental Value i.e.:Asset, Quantative Real Results, Priceless - Family heirloom, keepsake, etc... -

Quality - Industry Standard -Unique-Original- Artistic Etc

Results -
Timely - Delivery of  expectations

- Willing to put your name behind it to others- will refer

  - To Studio for Photo Needs

Thank You
- to the Photographer / Studio

Client   Signature:Title  




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