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David Ramirez & VisionQuestStudios LLC  

David Ramirez brings over 40 years of photography and 20 years in a professional commercial and corporate photography / media / marketing  capacity and is the chief photographer / Art Director for VisionQuestStudios LLC

As the proprietor of VisionQuestStudios LLC has a proven track record of results and experience in the field of mastering photography. With formal education and a work history in the industry in various aspects of photographic applications for Documenting Event-Photojournalism and Product Advertising and Marketing.

Studying at Wayne State University in a BFA curriculum and subsequent employment for 5 years at the Detroit Free Press (with 1 million in quad state circulation) and 8 other publications in both Photojournalism, Marketing/Advertising , Ross Roy- Chrysler Heineken, Kmart), Risk management , Capacity(General Motors Design Studios). Managerial, training. sales, customer service and consulting both to the public and corporate clientele.

David has been published  widely and is a skilled copywriter and commands an expertise on marketing pulse of today’s  marketing this applies to print and on the internet, David was awarded by the Metro Times for his submission “Private Way“.

Buy producing tangible and effective results, in  deadline environments ,done with the emphasis on providing cost effective consultation(s) and verifiable results to his clients. VisionQuestStudios LLC has  proven insights to business and marketing at entry level and managerial levels that provide his clientele with a window to productivity, increased organization, materials impact and measurable sales / lead generation increases.

Prior to creating VisionQuestStudios LLC David had covered the gamut of photographic applications in the public sector from small projects to full blown public events. VisionQuestStudios LLC portfolio and expertise of subject matter has viable applications for any size client.  VisionQuestStudios LLC has the latitude for streamlined configuration application gravitation for various budgets, projects and timeframes.

Consultations from brainstorming to roll out, from one on one interaction to team building, from coaching to assessments, from application to problem solving, from process procedure to efficiency confirmation, from training to customer service, from lead generation/ account maintenance. These skill sets and database of knowledge VisionQuestStudios LLC bring to the table tangible asset(s) to any individual or business entity.

Working on such projects as "We Are the Free Press" documentary to "Jeep 101" customer product training, 80% lead generation and sale maintenance at Orbit Magazine helping to increase circulation from 25,000 to 100,000 and from under 100 distribution point to over 300 spanning a 3 year period also organizing distribution in the process for over 250,000 units. Limiting liabilities via risk management. At General Motors design studios of over 3 million dollars in assets and  65 + personnel including executive level management. Expanding client based for start ups including HotSpot of SA developing protocol and procedure, establishing marketing campaigns, website content and design implementations and materials that culminated with a 1st Page Top selection Search Engine Optimization(SE) for Google (2008)In the entertainment field VisionQuestStudios LLC  was able to provide Grammy winning Penn Point Productions &  Under-current Records with publicity photos and consultation that won them an 8 album contract with Warner Brothers /Madonna’s Maverick Label. On the political spectrum has photographed politicos ranging from Senators to Judges and political candidates campaigns.  

David’s Portfolio has received the nod from notables amongst many other in the field such as Tony Spina Editor and Chief of Photography / Detroit Free Press / 40 years. David Turnley ( South Africa Apartheid and Manny Cristamno ( Fall of Russia) both Pulitzer Prize winning photographers.  A top Hollywood Celebrity Portrait photographer that had photographed major stars both for their studios and for their families. James Tafoya  Marketing and Fashion photographer  that encompassed everything from NY Fashion to Hot Products and Feature Portraitist.  Buzz Holtzman top high end event master photographer.

VisionQuestStudios LLC has a stock photo archive of 60,000 negatives and over 100,00- digital file of photo stock encompassing a 20 year plus period and every imaginable subject matter. full suite of services that include print and computer / graphic production, Social Media marketing and network marketing.

VisionQuestStudios LLC an active member of Professional Photographers of America PPA and the Association of Media Photographers -ASMP and Toastmasters Industry Networking-professional organizations. With references, credentials an testimonials on file. VisionQuestStudios LLC utilizes all of it's asset to promote social responsibilities for the common good. Our products are above and beyond industry standards and have been scrutinized and proven by both the public eye and qualified individuals.

          www.visionqueststudios.webs.com                  visionqueststudios@yahoo.com




Past Corporate Clientle

Photobucket" class="fw_link_website" target="_self" >Corporate Business Past Clientle

Past Notable High Profile Clientele & Shoots

Detroit Free Press -"We are the Free Press"  Slides Video
Hyatt Regency Hotels  - 25th Annvirsary  Dearborn MI
Orbit Magazine  -      Entertainment - Advertising  Royal Oak Michigan
Suburban News / Observier Eccentric - Front Page Events  Detroit Michigan
HotSpotsOf SanAntonio Website -Entertainment /  Advertising
Jam Rag -Music Entertainment- Front Cover
Penn Point Productions Undercurrent Records - Publicity Headshots / Advertising


Home Depot  Annual Christmas Party
Professional Nurses Assoc Family Appreciation Day Picnic
Ford  Golf Outing
San Antonio Auto Auction Golf Outing
University Health Systems
Baptist Health Systems
Ford Motor Company   
Pape Dawson Engineering Christmas Party Hill Country Resort
San Antonio Livestock Exposition  Annual Rodeo BBQ Cookoff  At The Rim

Alamo Helicopter Tours
Miller Brewing Halo Distributor
Real Estate Executive Realtor

Cibalo Canyons Builders Event Alamodome

UMC Bishop Martinez 50th Anniversary -La Trinidad Church
Cavender Family Birtday Celebration Pearl Stables
Casey Family Hollywood Birthday Party

Luciano's Restuarant Party -Riverwalk Mall
Majestic Theatre Bartender Christmas Party
    Almanza Family Reunion
    Hernandez Family Reunion
     Southside HS 74- 80 Class Reunion
    Class Reunion

Cowboy Breakfast
Poteet Strawberry Festival
31 Fiesta Events  
Concerts Perfomances -Various Artists
Angels Boxing Club
RoQ And Ride Memorial Motorcycle Fest Caliente Harley-Davidson

SATX - Misc Businesses

Augies Barbed Wire BBQ
Fatso's Sports Garden
Porkys' Restuarant
The Falls Nightclub
The Coast Nightclub
Nightrocker Live Music Venue

Cultural & 501c Events - 100 + Various See Portfolio

Performers and Entertainers

Edward James Olmos -Movie Actor  -Trinity University
Tiesto - World Famous Int'l Disc Jockey - Greece Olympics - Cowboy's Dance Hall

Wedding - Quinces - Debuts - Bat Mitzvah - Birthday - Showers -Anniversary Retirement -Portraits Baptismals - Recitals -All Occasions


 Jennifer Rangel Sandoval Family

My family and I have needed to take some updated family potraits so I, searched the internet and VisionQuest studios.webs.com caught my attention and i contacted Mr.Ramirez who was very courteous and professional. He showed me other work that he had done for special occasions . I was very impressed. I then asked about booking and pricing and it was a done deal.My first observation was Mr.Ramirez seemed to make my children comfortable with his direction and very patient. I also asked if  he could take individual pictures of me and my children. For future referance he gave me pointers on how to pose in front of the camera for most flattering results.It was one of the greatest expirences ive had and different because he let me choose my own locations. My family and I are so fond of the results and plan to refer and use him again for all future occsassions.Thank You so much Mr. Ramirez for your great work and wonderful memories that will last a lifetime.
                                                  Sincerely Jennifer Rangel & The Sandoval Family



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